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Directed by: Gustavo Pizzi

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Movie poster Loveling
Original title: Benzinho
Runtime: 98 min.
Production: Brazylia/Urugwaj/Niemcy , 2018
Category: drama
Release Date: 24 August 2018
Distribution: Best Film

Directed by: Gustavo Pizzi
Cast: Karine Teles, Otavio Müller, Adriana Esteves

Irene and her husband and four children live in a small town on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Her eldest son Fernando is a talented handball player. One day the boy is invited to a professional team in Germany. The family must make a quick decision about the departure, on which his further career depends.
Surprised by the turn of Irene's affairs, she tries to cope with the vision of a sudden separation from her son, overcome her own anxiety and discover new forces in herself to get used to living without a beloved child.

Average rate: 2.0
rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0 rating 2.0
5 votes. | Rate movie
IMDb© rate: Loveling on IMDb

Movie trailer: Benzinho

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joanka 26. August 2018, 17:44

Ciepły, przyjemny film o tym, jak trudno jest zaakceptować rodzicom to, że dzieci 'opuszczają gniazdo'.

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