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Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

Directed by: Dennis Gansel

Cinema program "Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver" in Kraków

Cinema   Wednesday, 15 August
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Cinema City Bonarka 2d dub 11:30
Movie poster Kuba guzik
Original title: Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver
Runtime: 105 min.
Production: Niemcy , 2018
Category: adventure / family / fantasy
Release Date: 29 June 2018
Distribution: Kino Świat

Directed by: Dennis Gansel
Cast: Henning Baum, Kao Chenmin, Andy Cheung

A fantastic journey to the end of the world, dragons, magic, pirates and rescue of the lost princess - all this and much more awaits the boy's adventures, his faithful friend and their extraordinary locomotive! Filming of a world-wide bestseller translated into 33 languages: "Kuba Guzik and typist Łukasz" by Michael Ende - author of the book on the basis of which the famous fantasy film: "The Never Ending Story" was created. Everyone on board - the greatest adventure of life starts at full swing! Once upon a time, among the wide waters of the ocean, there was a tiny island with one railway line, two mountains and a population of as many as four inhabitants. One day, the postman brings a mysterious package there, in which a small boy is hidden. The hosts accept the child with open arms, call him Kuba Guzik and look after him as his own. After 10 years from this event, one of the inhabitants of the island - and at the same time the boy's best friend - decides to leave the island with the help of his unusual locomotive. After a few alterations, the vehicle is ready to travel through the water. Kuba, despite the initial opposition of the train driver, joins the unbelievably promising trip. The boy hopes that he will find out where he comes from and who he really is. Huge waves of stormy sea will throw them ashore the land ruled by Emperor Ping Pong. It turns out that the ruler badly needs the help of two friends, because the dangerous pirates have kidnapped his beautiful daughter - Princess Li Si. The heroes are moving to the rescue. Ahead of them are lands full of dragons, volcanoes and dangers that even the greatest imagination does not expect. The biggest adventure begins!

Translated by google logo

Average rate: 1.0
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Movie trailer: Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver

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